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  • Where does this cashback come from?

    When you visit any of our partner retailers via us and make a purchase, the retailer pays us a commission. We pass this to you as cashback, giving you an additional discount on a purchase you were going to make anyway. Simple!

  • How do I earn cashback?

    Sign-in and click on the "Visit retailer & get cashback" button above. You will be re-directed to the retailer's site where you shop as normal. Within 4-72 hours, the retailer notifies us of your transaction and we send you an email confirming your cashback.

  • How long does it take for me to get paid?

    Within 4-72 hours of your purchase, you get an email from us about your 'Pending' cashback. Once the return/cancellation period of your purchase is over, retailer pays us in the next monthly payment cycle. This could take between 4-12 weeks depending on the retailer and type of purchase. As soon as retailer pays us, your cashback becomes 'Confirmed' and can be paid to you.

  • How does my cashback get paid?

    When you have £30 Confirmed cashback, you can request payment via bank transfer or Paypal. This £30 limit is only for the first payment, subsequent payments can be as little as £1

Transaction Amount might exclude delivery and taxes. Also some retailers do not share transaction amount and hence this can show as £0.0

Pending: This means that we are still waiting for the retailer to pay us. Retailers usually pay us within 4-12 weeks after the transaction.

Confirmed: This is cashback that can be paid to you. Please note you need at least £30 in Confirmed Cashback to request a payment the first time.

Requested: Cashback you have already requested payment for.

Paid: Cashback already paid to you.

Cancelled: Cashback declined by the retailer. If you disagree please contact us.

This is the date we expect retailers to pay us by. Once we are paid the status of your transaction shall automatically change to Confirmed. Once you have £30 in Confirmed Cashback you can request a payment.