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Abijoes is a non-profit organisation that is raising money to build a unique bird sanctuary that will enable disabled people to become active participants in bird rescue, rehabilitation and care.Our aim is to build an exceptional bird rescue facility that is equipped to aid all types of birds, both wild and domestic, while incorporating ease of use features that will enable people, with a physical or mental disability, the chance to become actively involved in the day to day running of the centre itself.

We feel it is important that every person should have the opportunity to become involved with animal welfare, if they wish. However, due to the many disciplines involved with avian rescue and rehabilitation , often this is not possible for people that have a mental or physical disability. This is exactly what Abijoes is going to change.

Our objective is to site and build an exceptional bird rescue facility, that incorporates ease of use features that will enable people, with various types of disability, to become actively involved with all aspects of the rescue centre.

Dependent upon the type of disability that you have, will determine where within the team your skills are best placed. Working as part of a team, mixing each persons ability with the next, all aspects of running a bird rescue centre become achievable!

The primary objective of every member of the Abijoes team revolves around the care and well-being of every bird that comes into the centre. All types of birds, wild, domestic and pets will be welcomed at Abijoes. Their day to day care, rehabilitation and, in the case of wild birds (where possible) release, will be the main goal of every person at Abijoes.

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