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Concern for Mental Health

The objective is to create awareness for mental illness. We aim to disseminate information from publications and psychiatric journals websites and use other educational measures which aim to inform and through this campaign reduces stigma and encourage tolerance and acceptance of mental illness.

We plan to Liaise with National Schizophrenia Fellowship to get permission to use their publications by translating them into local languages.

Concern for Mental Health promotes positive attitudes to mental illness, supports supply of free medication to those indigent patients who cannot afford them, supports programs for the treatment of psychiatric treatment and promotes training of Mental Health Professionals

Some of their popular projects are: UK: Support to YOPEY, Young people's Awards, Sweet me, helping people with Anorexia, Prison Reform Trust, educational material development for magistrates, judges and others in the justice system and Sir CJ Institute of Psychiatry in Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan

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