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Leicester Animal Aid

Leicester & Leicestershire Animal Aid Association is a rescue and re-homing centre for neglected, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats with accommodation for up to 75 dogs and 35 cats.The Association was founded in 1956 by the Late Dorothea Farndon who was affectionately knows as the Florence Nightingale of Animals. We are a registered charity (registration number 242560) and are wholly reliant on the generosity of local community groups, individuals and businesses. We do not receive any government funding or lottery grants.

Leicester Animal Aid is a rescue and rehoming centre for cats and dogs, based just outside of the South Leicester village of Huncote. Every year, we care for more than 500 dogs and cats who are lost, abandoned, neglected unwanted or relinquished because their owners can no longer are for them. We provide care for up to 50 dogs and 35 cats at any one time. Each and every one receives good food, veterinary care and individual attention to help them feel secure and loved, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Each dog and cat that comes through our doors is assessed by our experienced team and our goal is to ensure the right home is found for every animal, no matter how long it takes. We provide on-going guidance and practical help to both new and existing pet owners, so when you offer one of our animals a home, you can rely on us for advice for months, and even years afterwards.

We always love to hear from the new owners of dogs and cats from Leicester Animal Aid. We especially love to see photos of them enjoying their new lives and homes.

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