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YES ASIA DISCOUNT CODE & CASHBACK is the leading online Asian Entertainment retailer. We carry a large selection of related music, movies, games, toys, and electronics. We have a very wide selection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai DVDs with very competitive prices. We also carry games and game consoles such as Nintendo DS and X-Box360 at lower prices than local UK stores. Most of the games and game are available before their UK release date. We ship free, worldwide, on all orders over USD39.

YES ASIA - get upto7.50%cashback

  • 7.50%for sales on YA DVD Box Sets

  • 4.50%for sales on CDs and collectibles

    3.75%for sales on DVDs, VCD, Video, Blu-ray

  • 3%for sales on Video Games

    1.50%for sales on Game consoles, Toys, Electronics, Books


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    • To minimize risk of failed cashbacks, complete your transaction in the same session after clicking on the retailer link on this page. Do not visit any other site before completing your transaction
    • Please only use voucher codes available on our site. If you use voucher codes or gift vouchers not listed on our site your cashback may not track or be declined
    • Cashback paid using a voucher code may track at lower rates
    • Cashback is often paid excluding VAT, delivery, taxes and other administrative charges