The Core Team
Rohan Bhargava Co Founder

A qualified CFA and alumni of London School of Economics with a
Bsc in Economics, Rohan has worked with International Hedge
funds like Aladdin Capital and Washington Square Capital. He has
over 8 years of experience in the industry and previously handled
a portfolio of $1 billion structured credit assets.

Swati Bhargava Co Founder

Alumni of London School of Economics with a BSc Mathematics
and Economics, Swati previously worked as an Investment Banker
at Goldman Sachs for 5 years in London. She, along with Rohan
went on to establish Pouring Pounds in 2011, two years before
they captured the Indian Cashback Industry.

MK Arumainathan C.T.O

With over 15 years of tech expertise, Arumai develops the
technical strategy for Pouring Pounds. He previously worked with
HCL, one of India’s premier IT companies.

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