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  • Great Savings + Good Customer Happiness Team

    Pouring Pounds is a great site to save money. I have saved so much, thank you! Will definitely recommend to friends.

    - Augustine S Lobo
  • So efficient!

    You guys are always so efficient in organinsing queiries! Thank You!

    - Tabassum Awan
  • This website is brilliant.

    This website is brilliant. Very efficient and reliable. Queries are handled professionally. Will be my favourite cashback site.

    - Kashif Arzoo
  • I search on a price comparison site and shop at Pouring Pounds...

    I usually search on a price comparison site, and when I know where I want to purchase from I go to that retailer via Pouring Pounds. My cashback has been adding up nicely, and I'm already at £478!

    - Robert Cooper
  • They even replied to my email at 11:30pm...

    I never write testimonials, but when I got an instant email reply at 11:30 p.m. I know these guys are here to stay! Great customer service

    - Sean Dibben
  • The parents book a holiday....

    The parents book a holiday and I get £46.83 cashback!! Thanks @PouringPounds

    - Lisa Parsons
  • Just saved £120 on my iphone

    Actually just saved £120 on my iphone (yep finally joined) worth a look. Join free @PouringPounds

    - Twitter- @MerryMeriMary
  • I never buy anything online without checking Pouring Pounds...

    I never buy anything online without checking Pouring Pounds first! And now even my family has got the hang of it! Payments are made promptly, within the terms of the supplier, and if the cashback amount is not tracked, the support team gets back to me quickly! Its awesome.

    - Keira Hanratty
  • Great Customer service and great system....

    Great Customer service and great system making money on buying things. Anyone would be mad to miss these guys!

    - Robert Jackson
  • This is such a super concept...

    This is such a super concept. I buy everything on this site - insurance, holidays, books, even bought my vaccum cleaner on Argos with cashback :) Keep up the good work.

    - Kim Christmann
  • Saved a third on breakdown cover...

    Just saved almost 33% on my breakdown cover on RAC. Took me just seconds to click out from Pouring Pounds and shop at RAC. Wish I found this site sooner!

    - Lisa Allen
  • Saved on groceries, travel and clothes...

    I was sceptical when I first came across this site. But started using and now I never shop without it! Its free money.. who wouldn't want it! I save on groceries, travel, flowers and just about everything I do online. Just saved £60 on my Expedia holiday :)

    - Debbie Wright
  • Would highly recommend...

    I would highly recommend using Pouring Pounds, especially in the current economic climate.

    - Bessamy Shaw
  • I have saved £400...

    Ever since I started using Pouring Pounds I have saved £400. I shop a lot of Tesco, Expedia & Uniglo. Now I get cashback every time!!

    - Kenny Welsh
  • Saved myself £150 recently...

    I've have been using Pouring Pounds for only a few months and have already saved a lot. I haven't bought anything I didn't before, just got cashback on everything I buy normally and saved myself £150 so far! Highly recommended.

    - Wendy Dawson
  • I even managed to get cashback for utility bills...

    I used this website to not only save myself money but save my friends money. The referral scheme is amazing and you can save money on nearly everything. I even managed to get cashback for utility bills which I didn't think was possible.

    - Jake
  • Saved £120 on my phone contract...

    I bought an iPhone using Pouring Pounds through a 3 network contract and I basically got the phone for free - (cost of phone £69 and the cash back was £81) --- Free iPhone! I love Pouring Pounds!

    - David
  • Within 24 hours I received cash back...

    I followed the easy steps to sites that I used to go to directly. Within 24 hours I received cash back on my purchases! Can't believe I didn't use it sooner would have made loads by now!

    - swetac