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The account is open to everyone and is ideal for those who are an undischarged bankrupt, have a debt management plan or IVA, need help managing money, struggle to keep on top of finances, have a bad credit history, have been turned away from the high street banks.

ECCOUNT MONEY - get upto£15cashback

  • £15cashback for genuine new customers opening an Eccount

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There are currently no voucher offers available.


    • Users must click out from our site every time for the sale to track properly.
    • To minimize risk of failed cashbacks, we advise users to complete their sale in the same session after clicking on the retailer link on this page.
    • Please only use Voucher Codes available on our site to avoid failed cashback transactions.
    • Cashback paid using a voucher code may track at lower rates.
    • Cashback is often paid excluding VAT, delivery and other administrative charges.
    • For selected merchants cashback may be payable only for UK customers and UK deliveries.