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VetsMediCover provide a unique pet insurance product. The policy is uniquely pre-priced and the same price is charged for all breeds of cat or dog, irrespective of age or postcode. The most important feature of the policy is that the pet is insured for life. Lifelong cover provides peace of mind for pet owners concerned about their pet developing a long term or reoccurring illness. They pay up to 10,000 pounds, year after year, for the continuing treatment of your pet, provided you renew the policy!

VETSMEDICOVER PET INSURANCE - get upto£7.50cashback

  • £7.50for dog policy

  • £3.75for cat policy

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    • Policy Validations: Each policy will be checked shortly after it has been active for 3 full calendar months (e.g. a policy starting in January will be checked early April). If the policy is still in force after this time, it will be confirmed and cashback will be paid
    • To minimize risk of failed cashbacks, complete your transaction in the same session after clicking on the retailer link on this page. Do not visit any other site before completing your transaction
    • Please only use voucher codes available on our site. If you use voucher codes or gift vouchers not listed on our site your cashback may not track or be declined
    • Cashback paid using a voucher code may track at lower rates
    • Cashback is often paid excluding VAT, delivery, taxes and other administrative charges